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Brigade is a high energy, entertaining and dynamic Edmonton-based Heart Tribute band, offering a taste of Heart’s famous classic rock and bringing it to life on the prairies. “Brigade”, named after Heart’s 10th studio album, was formed by lead singer Dahlia Wakefield, performing as Ann Wilson of the band “Heart”. Joined by fellow Dirt Road Angel Karen Claypool as “sister” Nancy Wilson on backup vocals and guitar, these two “soul sisters” have been performing together for the past 9 years. Brigade consists of some amazing musicians: Glenn Thorpe on lead guitar, Stan Pietrusik on keys, and Ben Oswell on bass and backup vocals, and Dennis Boisvert on drums. Authentically performing Heart's greatest hits from the 70s to the 90s with songs such as “Alone”, “Magic Man”, and “Barracuda”, Brigade’s professional, accomplished and experienced musicians not only sound the part, but look the part. This powerhouse tribute band has built a big buzz in the Edmonton and Red Deer area over the past few years, playing to sold out shows and much positive feedback. Brigade is looking forward to playing their “Heart” out at many more shows in the future!


DAHLIA WAKEFIELD  ("Ann Wilson" - Lead Vocals)


Dahlia Wakefield is an award-winning Edmonton-based singer/songwriter/performer who has recorded and released three solo albums and several singles, as well as three albums and several singles with the Dirt Road Angels.  She is also bandleader of Brigade and Dahlia & The Villains, and a member of the Dirt Road Angels, 80s metal band Shocker, as well as the Dahlia & Alan Duo. Graduating with distinction from the music program at Grant MacEwan University will always be a highlight in her life where she met some of her current musical colleagues. Dahlia has been a beginner piano and vocal teacher since 2011 and is a high ranking finalist in several international songwriting contests with  some of her original songs which are available on Apple Music, Spotify and more.  Music is Dahlia’s passion and she looks forward to a lifetime of making music.

KAREN CLAYPOOL ("Nancy Wilson" - Backup Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

Ever since she was a young child, Karen has been in love with music. Now, at 27 years old she is living her dream. Karen has released 3 studio albums with the female driven country-rock quartet “Dirt Road Angels” with over 10 singles on Canadian-Country radio, as well as 3 solo singles. Her high energy on stage, musical appeal and hard work have earned multiple appearances at high profile shows. Not only is Karen a talented singer/songwriter, but she has also spent many years enjoying playing and teaching guitar. She blends her unique charm and personality into every performance and continues to connect with every audience and student as she shares her music, knowledge, and passion with the world.  


GLENN THORPE (Lead Guitar)

Glenn Thorpe is his name, lead guitar is his game.  As Brigade’s laser precise lead axe man, Glenn brings a lifetime of playing music to the gig.  He’s always had a creative side and graduated from Grant MacEwan University with a diploma in music by the age of 20 and proceeded to play/record cover and original music with many bands playing various genres.

STAN PIETRUSIK (Keyboards, Backup Vocals)

Stan Pietrusik has been playing on the road and locally for many years playing keyboards bands such as: Blackwater Jack, Souled Out, Eli Barsi, Electric Hillbillies, Hazard County, Heather MacKenzie Band plus many more.  Stan also had the lucky opportunity a few times to fill-in on keyboards with Canadian rock legends "Prism".  Not only a performer on stage, Stan showed off his acting "skills" playing “Band Guy #2” in the Canadian cult movie classic “Fubar 2”: Balls to the Wall" and recorded on the soundtrack as well...he puts his "heart" into anything he does.

dennis brigade.jpeg


Dennis Boisvert is a country/rock drummer from Morinville, Alberta.  As co-founder and drummer for the band Cadillac Junkies, he has played with artists such as Sweet Tequila, Lisa Hewitt, Matthews Grin, Karac Hendricks, Dirt Road Angels, Tyler Babiuk, Brad Sims, and Ben Chase.  He is also a member of avant-garde group Aud Squad. Dennis plays with passion and strives to provide a solid song-serving groove with any act he plays with, including Brigade!


Ben Oswell is freelance bassist from Lloydminster, SK. Since graduating from the Grant
MacEwan music program, Ben has worked with a multitude of artists in different styles
including rock, country, classical, jazz, funk, ska and reggae. Ben currently plays bass as a
full time member of Cadillac Junkies and with Tyler Babiuk.

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